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The Spark Podcast

May 3, 2021

Pelayo Alvarez is the host, founder, and producer of The Forbidden Apple Podcast, a space to reclaim your spirituality. He’s also been one of Amy’s best friends for the past three years after she moved to New York City. Pelayo grew up in the Catholic Church in Gijon, a northwestern city in Spain. He never felt like he belonged. His personality and identity felt bigger than what Gijon could offer or hold space for. So he left. After an internship turned into a full-time job, he found solace in New York City. New York allowed Pelayo to embrace his creative inner voice becoming a podcaster, a youtuber, a performer and a comedian. Most importantly, he was able to embrace his sexuality, and as a result, his authentic identity.  Pelayo Alvarez 是禁果播客的主播,创作人和制作人。禁果播客是一档助力他人寻找内心力量的播客。在忙碌录制播客的同时,Pelayo也是自从Amy过去三年来,也就是自从她移居到纽约后新交到的最好的朋友之一。Pelayo出生在位于西班牙西北部的城市希洪。他从没在自己的出生地找到归属感。他从来都觉得希洪并不是一个可以包容他个性及身份的地方。所以他离开了生长的城市。机缘巧合之下,一个位于纽约,本该短暂的实习变成了全职工作,他终于在纽约找到自己的慰藉。相比较希洪,纽约包容的环境允许Pelyo去追逐自己的创作灵感,追随自己内心的声音。于是,他成为了一个播客创作人,一个视频创作人,一个演艺人员以及一个喜剧演员。更重要的是,他终于可以大胆地做自己,接受并且发展自己的一切个性和与生俱来的品质。