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The Spark Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

In this episode, Amy had a casual conversation about careers, lifestyles, and the meaning of being a global citizen in today’s context with one of her friends, Zeyao Li. Zeyao is a web engineer at PINT, an adjunct professor at the Hunter College Film and Media Department, and a fellow Bejinger / New Yorker/ NYU Shanghai Alumni. He unleashes his creativity through web design, and he is on his way to inspire hundreds with his can-do spirit and curiosity.  Amy终于在去年年底,采访到了一位她非常佩服的好朋友——李泽尧。目前,他的全职工作是一名在PINT任职的网络工程师。业余时间,他是纽约市立大学亨特学院的客座教授。从屏幕前到讲台后,作为一名年轻的外国教授,泽尧在美国公立大学教课的过程中经历了非常多有意思的身份转换和奇异故事。在这集中,我们均娓娓道来。 李泽尧是一名生长在北京,如今长居在纽约的网络工程师,设计师,以及教育者。他本科毕业于上海纽约大学,研究生毕业于纽约大学帝势艺术学院互动电子媒体学位。 This episode was recorded last year during the holiday season.  这个单集录制于2021年。 Thank you so much for listening! We’d love for you to join in on the conversation! If you haven’t already, please rate and review this podcast! 

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